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Cause I'm used to relying on intellect. Because reason says I should die, three years ago

I thought I was a bit tired, so I laid down around 5.

Ended up sleeping for nearly 3 hours.

Huh. Well...

Doctor lady #2 was really good. I should set up another appointment, but I'm at school late most nights and starting next week we have Saturday rehearsal. So I'll have to try and maneuver around my schedule for that. :-\

Went to Ci's to put all the pictures I took at the Botanic Gardens on a CD. 54. I ended up deleting a few, but that's over two rolls of normal film. God, I love digital cameras.

And now I'm uber hungry and my parents don't believe in eating dinner. (Mama had hers a few hours ago with my aunt and grandma. Daddy just had a sandwich a while ago.) Arg.

*sigh* Long day.

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