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If you want to view paradise, simply look around and do it

I love autumn.

It's by far my favorite season.

I loved when I was little. I would wake up on Saturday mornings, and I'd be freezing. Temperatures in the morning would only rise to upper 50's, and I was still in summer pajamas. Stepping out of bed right away would be hazardous! I'd lay there for a bit, trying to adjust to the cold while pulling back the covers a little at a time.

Then I'd grab a blanket and go claim the couch in the living room as my own. Turning on Satuday morning cartoons, I snuggled up and had a lazy day.

It was never so cold after getting dressed in pants and a long-sleeved shirt, but the air was still nippy, so I'd have to take a light jacket if ever I went out. Outside looked dead, but I loved it. Trees turning colors, and eventually the leaves falling. There was a crispness to the air that made everything so clear.

And I would be warm inside with my cartoons...eating cereal for breakfast, and maybe warm soup for lunch. With crackers!


To be young again. And for it to be autumn again! It's still 75 degrees out!

Oy! I want my pants and long-sleeved shirts!

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