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There can be miracles, if you believe. Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill

Gooooooood morning, LiveJournal!

After a less-than-satisfying night of sleep, I have awoken and now am bored out of my skull.

And I'm talking to Jason's away message about college.

honeygailmarie (9:53:09 AM): On a lighter note, Candace and I (and Rob and Zach) went to the football game last night and I decided that I want to be in marching band. Badly. It's so cool!
honeygailmarie (9:55:46 AM): And Mr. Brame is really funny! I told Candace that I think I need to pick up another fine art. 3 isn't enough
honeygailmarie (9:56:30 AM): I'm going to graduate with 16 fine arts credits. And they think one is enough! HA!
honeygailmarie (9:58:10 AM): And in filling out all these damn college applications, I've realized that my course load throughout the years has been rather impressive
honeygailmarie (9:58:29 AM): 3 and a half science (all Honors or AP)
honeygailmarie (9:58:56 AM): 3 math (but I've taken all courses they want people to take in 4 years...through Calc at least)
honeygailmarie (9:59:04 AM): 4 years of English, but that's not really impressive
honeygailmarie (9:59:33 AM): 4 years of Social Studies (assuming I don't drop Foreign Policy next semester to gain a free period).
honeygailmarie (9:59:53 AM): 3 years of French (I'm so glad I wasted my time on that...)
honeygailmarie (10:00:22 AM): Then my equivalent of 8 years of fine arts
honeygailmarie (10:00:43 AM): An applied art (yeah Fashion!)
honeygailmarie (10:01:01 AM): With a gym every year
honeygailmarie (10:01:51 AM): And of course, they make you take Health
honeygailmarie (10:02:07 AM): And that's all I can think of right now, but none the less. That's a lot of classes
honeygailmarie (10:02:29 AM): Kind of feels a bit anti-climatic
honeygailmarie (10:03:38 AM): But none the less, it may get me into a good college.
honeygailmarie (10:07:19 AM): I'm kind of anxious for Beyond Ravinia. I know I got into Eastern and Iowa. I think I should get into Indiana, but there's no where that states their guidelines like "you need this for ACT and this class rank..." It's all objective and I'm kind of worried
honeygailmarie (10:09:14 AM): I think I fit all the requirements, but they look a lot at classes and make sure your grades aren't in a downhill spiral
honeygailmarie (10:10:15 AM): Well...after last year, it probably looks like they are. Among the 10-something credits I had last year...3 were C's. Heh.
honeygailmarie (10:10:38 AM): I could blame it on not being healthy and stuff...and that might be right. I didn't have the effort to try at all.
honeygailmarie (10:11:31 AM): I don't really this year either, but luckily neither of my classes is hard, nor do they require effort at all
honeygailmarie (10:12:07 AM): But most of the time I have 5 solid courses a semester. And then this year I go and drop French and math, so I only have 3
honeygailmarie (10:12:36 AM): And with both of the Social Studies being 2nd semester...2
honeygailmarie (10:12:59 AM): I went from 5 to 2 and I'm afraid Indiana is going to think I'm a slacker for that
honeygailmarie (10:13:52 AM): I tried! I was going to have 5 solids! Three of them being APs. But it didn't work in my schedule! I had to pick 5 solids over 3 fine arts and I took what makes me happy, not what looks best on a college application
honeygailmarie (10:15:32 AM): Because theatre really is happy, and I'm happy when I'm doing stuff there. Whether it's writing a monologue in Company, singing in Chorale (okay, not really "theatre", but it's close enough...), Senior teaching in my 1,2 class, assistant directing the Fall Play, Producing STUNTS or helping out where I can on crew until I can be the Stage Manager
honeygailmarie (10:16:49 AM): That's a lot of stuff. And that's the kind of stuff that colleges don't get to hear about. They ask strickly about classes and then what extra curriculars you have. "Stage crew, theatre productions (plays)"
honeygailmarie (10:17:09 AM): All my hard work summed up into something that seems like a monkey could do it
honeygailmarie (10:17:24 AM): Well...maybe Ishmael could, but an untrained monkey...
honeygailmarie (10:18:41 AM): *sigh* I should just stop worrying about it. If they defer me, then I get a chance to explain to them what all I do. Tell them why I had to sacrafice two of my solid AP courses, and why "stage crew" is a lot more of a commitment than it seems
honeygailmarie (10:19:10 AM): And there are no rejections at Beyond Ravinia, so. I guess that settles it. It's not over yet


That's really it for now.

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