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I couldn't stand lying in bed any longer, so I decided to get up

The first time I woke up, was around nine. I immediately dismissed the thought of getting up, because that would have given me 5 hours of sleep. Yuck.

From about 10:45 to now, I rolled around, tried to sleep, dissected my dreams (I had a lot of them last night). Basically, I got a little under 7 hours of sleep. It's going to be a great day.

First dream, there was this lady selling her house and my mom, my aunt Denise and I were looking around outside. My mom is big on flowers, so we were admiring some, and all of a sudden, there were bees everywhere. [Sidenote: I hate bees, but I've never been stung.] So I drop my purse and try to walk away calmly. I can feel a bee land on my face, next to my right eye. I close my eyes and stop walking. In my head, I'm thinking about the movie My Girl, and how that kid died from a bee sting. I don't know if I'm allergic, so I'm freaking out inside my head. The bee is walking over my eyelids and crossing from right to left. I slowly work my way back to consciousness and even when I know I'm not dreaming anymore, I keep my eyes closed, extremely scared.

Dream two, I don't really remember much of what went on, but there was a baby picture of my cat and people were talking about how fat she's gotten. The strange part here is that I'm never seen my cat as a baby, and I think the picture was just my sister's cat Tigger, with Cici's colorings (she's a calico. Very pretty).

Dream three. This is the cool one. This is the NSYNC one. I don't think I've ever had an NSYNC dream before, and it kinda makes me feel like I've reached the point of no return. Oh they are performing in a concert. The strange is set up with a kind of "pirate ship kid's play area". A bunch of wooden stuff that make it look ship like. For whatever reason, I'm on stage with them, standing behind the "captain's cabin" or whatever, so that I can't be seen by the audience. [Sidenote: when I later thought about this dream, I realized I was dating Lance...random, yes, cus I'm a firm believer that he's gay. It may have been the comment I made in my last entry that stuck with me through sleep, but whatever.] So I'm basically talking to Lance during the entire concert. Even while he's dancing, because he's usually in the back for the choreography, so he's near where I'm standing. He tells me that he can talk because he told the sound guys to run tape of him. No one would ever really notice, because he doesn't get solos anyway. He tells me that Justin, JC and Chris could never do it, but Joey's been known to if he's sick. He says he was being selfish because he's not sick, he just wanted to talk to be the whole time. At one point in a song, they are supposed to have choreographed trick poses (like the ones where JC does a one handed handstand and his legs are way apart). Lance ducks behind the wood thing where I am while they run a hologram of him. Weird...he says they decided to do that, because no one would notice, and it's hard work to do that stuff every day. I don't remember the rest of the dream, but I remember feeling totally at ease with him, and us just having a normal conversation (well, semi-normal if you count being on stage of a concert). It was really cool though. Damn, I would want that to be real life.

Well, that's all the dreams I can remember, there were more, but they've slipped my mind by now.

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