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It's true you sold your guitar and bought a car? It's true. I'm leaving now for Santa Fe

I did it!

I read all 320 page-things of my friend's page. Yay!

Also, I forgot to mention meeting people in New York for the Broadway on Broadway thing. It was highly amusing (if not far too short) and Ci and I met up with Allen (Liz, Jen, and the rest). Fun fun fun.

And I want this poster badly. Saw it a few times in NY. Thought it would be too hard to transport. (And it's not like I don't already have 3 posters waiting to be hung...)

And cicigreen has a more detailed account of our trip here.

And I have a definite girl!crush on the Myiia Watson-Davis...the chick who played "Joanne" in RENT. And she has great hair too... ;)

Random songs I had stuck in my head this weekend:
-"Wheels of a Dream" from Ragtime
-"The Money Kept Rolling In" from Evita
-"I'll Cover You"
"You'll See"
"Happy New Years B" from RENT
-"Cabaret" from...take a wild guess...
"Ever After"
"Moment in the Woods"
"Into the Woods" from Into the Woods
-The chicken dance (damn you, Elmo!!)

Okay, so they mostly don't seem too random. But! We didn't see Evita or Ragtime!

Eh, this is me going away now.

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