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Roger! This is your mother! Roger, honey...I don't get these postcards


Well, there's no way in hell I'm going to be able to get through my friend's page, BUT! I'm going to try.

(If anything major happened that you would like condolences, congratulations or a friendly shoulder for, feel free to let me know in case I don't get so far in my attempt!)


New York was fantastic. I loved it and we had the greatest time.

Cici and I saw Into the Woods, Urinetown, The Producers and RENT.

They were all very good. I especially loved The Producers and Steven Weber was amazing!

For every show, we were in the 10th row or closer. It was amazing. The only tickets we had ahead of time was RENT.

JOEY! He was fabulous. The rest of the cast was great. Totally lived up to and surpassed my expectations. So. Good.

We also went to the Broadway on Broadway thing in Times Square (where performers did one song from each of the major productions). It was so cool! Joey! of course, hosted, along with this funny, dippy chick from Hairspray. The performances were awesome and made me want to see everything!

Molly Ringwald in Cabaret? She was awesome! I wish we could have seen that show too! There just wasn't enough time.

And it was amazing just standing in Times Square, like you always see people doing on TV. So cool!

Our hotel was extremely upscale and we felt out of place, but in a really cool way. It was sweet.

And La Guardia is tiny. I thought it was going to be big (like O'Hare) but I was wrong. Very nice though.

And we walked everywhere, and were barely at the hotel at all. We were always out.

(Sorry, just trying to get through stuff...)

And the 4-story Toys R Us is damn cool. They have Care Bears!!! And Cabbage Patch Kids!!!! (I'm the proud new owner of a Wish Bear! I also bought a Bedtime Bear, but it will probably end up as a gift...)

And! We rode in a white stretch limo from the airport to our hotel. It was sweet!

And I finished my English reading in the 4 hours we spent hanging out at La Guardia today. (Check out was at noon, our flight wasn't until 5.) Oh well, it was fun.



I think I had too much fun!

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