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We could light the candle...


Happy Birthday, Amy!!!

Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!

Hope you both had a fantastic day!

Second, I'm going to New York tomorrow! Eeeee!!!

Third, I need to pack.

Fourth, today went well. School was fine and so was rehearsal. After, Eric and I (with a little help from Mary) copied and posted all of the STUNTS audition materials. Took a while, and I was there until 8:45. Yay STUNTS!

Fifth, I told Eric that I would still like to be considered to SM the Fall Play. That will be posted tomorrow night on, so I won't be able to get it...but I asked Jason to text me with who is SM'ing. :-\

Sixth, New York!!! Joooooeeeeyy!! RENT!!

Seventh, Mama sent me an email about Pepsi cans that feature the Pledge of Allegiance without the words "under god" and saying that people shouldn't buy it...or some shit like that. I don't believe she and I share any of the same political views. Oy!

Eighth, I really need to pack and do my homework. I'll probably be back later.


If I don't update again, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, and I'll miss you all dearly. I'll be gone until late Monday night...

For those celebrating, Happy Yom Kippur!

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