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Feelin' sort of shaky but the wounds have healed...

I'm sort of disappointed that I'm in no mood to be actually reading through my friend's page.

A lot of you seem to have similar opinions as my own. An almost cynical (but not meant to be) "it's in the past, concentrate what's on important" feel.

We should not be mourning the victims (or at least not all of us. Family and friends should most definitely) but as a country, we should be celebrating our freedoms. We should be showing how proud we are that we can say whatever, do whatever and be whatever we want to be. We are free. And that is the most important thing.

I may not say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning with the rest of the school, and I may be very much opposed to Governor Ryan making that a law and for it continuing to contain "under god" everywhere but California...but I still love this country and I'm still glad to live here.


So many conflicts.

Oh, and I called doctor lady #2 tonight and left a voice mail... :-\

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