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I was on my way to work! ...Black leather and lace!

This day has been so incredibly long.

And so exhausting. A majority was not spent thinking about or doing September 11th things, but none the less...there's an incredible amount of stress in the day alone. Mostly though, it stemmed from me not knowing what I should be doing, or feeling. I'm so conflicted right now over so many things, and this is another one to add on the pile. But I've only had time to get bits and pieces figured out.

As a whole, I'm still very lost.


Now the actual day:

Went to a 7:45 flag-lowering ceremony outside. It was actually very nice and well done. Not hokey or lame as I was expecting.

In English we read this awesome article (perhaps I'll transcribe it sometime). It was an Editorial piece that appeared in the Trib a few weeks back. So good. All about freedoms. (And of course his political standpoints were similar to my that didn't hurt).

Company we talked, or rather, Carl talked to us a lot. Saying that he wasn't sure what he should be doing. That this is something completely new and that everyone was handling things differently. As a homeroom activity, we all got a strip of paper (either red, white, or blue) and linked them together in one of those "construction paper chains" from elementary school. The entire school did it, and at some point, they were all linked up and put on display as garland on trees in front of school.

In Chorale, we sang for half the period, but the other half was spent listening to songs people brought in that comforted them in times like these.

In APES we took our field trip to the Prairie. The only virgin prairie left in the Western Hemisphere. Go us. And it's not that big, either. A few acres at most. It was hot, buggy and boring.


So I guess most of the day was spent around September 11th. I lie.

After school, I was going to go to rehearsal, but both Aly and Zach were there, so Zach told me to go home.

Instead, I took my stuff and went to the auditorium where some people were setting up for a service thing tonight ( guessed it! September 11th). I wasn't signed up to work it or anything, so I sat around and did homework...talking to people when they were around. The only people working it were Eric (duh), Jason (he got paid, since he's no longer a student), Goldy and Ben.

Around 6, I was planning to go to Target with Cici and Zoe, but at 5:30, Eric asked me if I'd mind running to pick them all up dinner. So I took his credit card and went to Dominick's (the Cafe part in Bannochburn Green). It was hell trying to get a whole pizza, 5 drinks and a slice of cake, but I did...and it was much appreciated.

By the time I got back, it was 6:15. They were teching the dances and I texted Cici about the Target thing. Decided not to meet up with her, and stay for the service thing. It wasn't so bad. Very religion oriented. A bunch of priests and rabbis from the Southwest Lake County area had set it up, so there were a few readings and a couple short speech/sermon things.

There was also a string quartet, a children's choir and the traveling set-up of the Hubbard Street dance company (Hubbard Street 2) came. They were awesome.

For most of the time though, Eric, Jason and I just talked (or, well...whispered). Lots of stifled laughs because some things were just plain funny.

After the thing, I helped strike lights and mics, cables and a bunch of other stuff and shut down the space.

Still conflicted over Stage Managing the Fall Play. Eep! I told Eric I'd know by tomorrow. Jason still says that I shouldn't. Grr...I don't know.

So I was at school from 7:35 this morning until about 9:35 tonight. Oy.


Also! Daddy fixed my watch!

And is the coolest thing ever. It sent me reminders on my flights, hotels and confirmation codes for this weekend.

I leave for New York in two days. TWO!!

I've been busy with STUNTS stuff trying to arrange Freshman Advisory meetings. Tough stuff, but so very necessary.

I need to fill out my college applications for Beyond Ravinia. They are due on the 20th.


Also: Today I lent Candace a pair of my black strapy sandals and I remember to (finally) give Zev his sweatshirt back. (I've had it since June.)

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