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I realize now that my last entry was really, really long. Parts were funny though. Read some, please?

Anyway, I read through my friend's list pretty quick. Not too much new going on there. Ci's friends was a different story. Geez, I had to go back to ?skip=45. (If you understand that, you and I both have to stop using this site so much. Damn). Anyway, half of it is must_be_pop crap that I don't care about. No fun there. The fun was in jcscottchasez's entry with the 34 comments. That's the good stuff. (I would have linked there, but I'm too damn tire.)

Done sifting through entries. Haven't seen new OTL trailer yet. So want naked Lance. Damn me, must find trailer, then go to bed. I'm too tired to wish everyone a good night. Blah...

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