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I'm home!

I know you all missed me so much...but yes. I'm back. I had a lot of fun.

I'll try to keep this quick for those that aren't so interested.

My last post was rather frantic as I tried desperately to shower and pack and get on the road. I ended up leaving at 6:24 exactly.

Travel was mostly fine. Unfortunately, the tolls on 294 right before the I-80 exit was backed up to a practical standstill for about 30 minutes. It took 30 minutes to go two miles. There was an accident there, so. Eww.

It was dark by the time I passed through there and continued the rest of my trip.

Got to Fayanne's house around 10:15. A couple of her friends had come down to visit for the night, so she was having a party. Twas fun! Her friends are very nice and funny people.

Party ended and we got to bed around 1am.

Woke up at 8:30 so we could get on the road to Indiana University around 9. It took us 2 hours and 15 minutes...a half-hour shorter than MapQuest said, but oh well. We were 45 minutes early for the noon tour.

The drive was boring. Passed through a lot of bumble towns and discovered that there is no direct way to get to IU from anywhere but Indianapolis. Eww.

Tour went well. Had a fun leader chick. Liked the campus a lot. It's very pretty and their theatre is new (woo!).

After the tour, Fayanne and I went to Bloomington to check out the town and the mall. Very nice. Better than some of the malls around here, and definitely better than most college malls I've seen. We also went to Chili's for lunch.

After lunch (around 3:30) we went back to campus to the bookstore. Bought a tee-shirt and looked around the Union a little more. Then we decided it was time to head home.

That night she and I went to dinner at Fazoli's (because the closest one to here is Kenosha...where Candace and I trekked out a couple weeks ago) then just went home. She worked on a present for Brad and I read some more of Ishmael. It's so good.

Woke up around 10. Showered and got dressed. Fayanne gave me a mini-tour of Eastern, then we went to Jimmy John's for lunch. I'd never been there. It's very good. And the one is Charleston is the original Jimmy John's. The first ever. Woo!

At 12:17, I left. Strategically leaving after noon because the Bears came started at noon in Champaign (which I would pass in about 45 minutes) and because I didn't want to get stuck in that traffic, I waited until there definitely wouldn't be any.

The trip home was easy. Listened to a few more CDs and actually got back here at 3:07. Under 3 hours. Eek! Someone was speeding...


So yes! I'm home! Had fun! That was the basics, I may tell funny little stories later. Or perhaps not.

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