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The river's dry, the ground has broken, so I must go. Now I must go.



Friday! Yay. School was fine. Still dislike my English class.

But! No homework! None. No English. No APES. (Though I'm hoping to finish reading Ishmael this weekend.

I think I've learned the names of all the kids in my Theatre 1,2 class. Yay! Now we just have to see if I remember them come Monday.

Crew was fun. Worked hard. Got nice and smelly! ;) Left at 4:30 so I could get home earlier. I went out an bought a Nalgene water bottle. I know, I know. Trendy much? But I really need one and they are huge and indestructible, so why not?

I've also showered (thank god. You thought I was kidding when I said I got nice and smelly, didn't you?).

SO! The goal is to leave in the next 45 minutes. I still need to pack and eat dinner...or something like dinner.

Things I need to remember:
-My Nalgene (it's currently cooling water in the freezer)
-College applications (especially Indiana!)
-Sleeping bag and pillow

I think that's it? Oy!


Happy Rosh Hashana!

L'shana tova! [Is that right? I stole it from Jason's away message...]

Yes. Have a good weekend to you all, especially those celebrating the holiday. Much love to you all, and I'll be back Sunday afternoon/early evening!!!

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