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To her that ain't nothing, but to me it's everything

A few more things:

-My hands are so dry from all the dust and concrete powder in the woodshop that they are splitting open. Ouch! So dry, but lotion hurts the wounded skin!!

-I'm really liking my Outdoor Adventure class. It's such a random group of people, but I can basically get along with all of them. Today I talked with Ellie and Hillary.

-I still hate my English class...

-I adore APES. It seems like it's going to be a lot of fun. A bunch of work too, but all hands-on. It's exciting. And the class is about as close to a Social Studies course and as far from a Math course as possible. Score!

I'm showered. Feel clean and tired. Must write essay. Then maybe bed.

Mommy's making me a pizza for dinner. :)

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