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It's a leap of faith when you believe there's someone out there


I'm horrible!!!

Happy Birthday, Pixie!

Sorry I'm a day late, but I hope it was fabulous!!!


In other news. First real day of school done. Whew.

Feeling better about it, I suppose. Things weren't terrible.

First day of crew! Oh my god, am I hurting!! My back aches because we were cleaning the woodshop, which is trashed from construction and probably won't be in total working order until the end of the year. Little by little!

Then! We had to move and install seating risers. Those fuckers are heavy! I think I'm going to keel over. And tomorrow's going to be pain. Pure pain.

This might help me sleep well tonight though!


I had lots of emails in my box when I got home, though! Or, well...5. But they weren't junk!

And thanks to my lurker, Abby, who informed me that Bree Sharp has a new record out. Ooo! I was just talking with some friends about how after "David Ducovney" her career seemed to die. And now a new album. How exciting?


Won't be able to go to crew tomorrow.

And I'll have to leave to go to my sister's later. So, driving at night. *sigh*

Because the Senior Teachers have to decorate the Theatre board, so we are all going to Haley's house after school. Oh well.


Rehearsal starts Monday. I mentioned to Eric that I was going to try and pick up AWARE (again) and Earthworks as activities while continuing crew and rehearsals. He said it probably wouldn't be possible, especially if I'm SMADing (Stage Managing and Assistant Directing).

So I said that if I were to SMAD, that would definitely take priority and I would ditch the others.

He told me I should definitely sign up if interested.

AKA...I'm probably going to be Stage Managing the Fall Play. Woo!!!


So yes. Today was good.


OH!!! And Chorus trip!! We're going to New Orleans!! Granted it's no Caribbean cruise, or a trip to Europe. But it's better than Nashville! Or Toronto, for that matter. [:p to band!]


Also, I started reading Ishmael during my free periods (all 3 of them today). It's very good. I recommend to all.


Yeah. So it was an eventful day. And right now, I'm really thirsty, and a tad hungry too, so I may go shower and grab dinner before writing my English essay.

Oh yeah. My only homework tonight? Write a one-page personal essay (single or double spaced) about my room. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Piece of cake.

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