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If I were the King, All my subjects they would dance and sing, They could kiss my ring, And kiss my

The song continues, of course, but the subject line is only so big.

So, Barenaked Ladies were AWESOME!!! Such a fun show with great music and great times. From beginning to end, I had such an amazing time, it was really good.

I'll start at the very beginning (it's a very good place to start, ya know). STUNTS meeting went well. We had a lot of laughs, but managed to get through all our stuff in 2 hours. We wrote out a STUNTS mission statement, as well as brainstormed our roles as leaders and the ideal behaviors we and our participants(for lack of a better word) should exhibit. Then we each got a list of 12 incoming freshmen to call with the message to come to informational theatre program meetings next week. For the first call, my hand was literally shaking (I'm glad no one was in the room with me), but after that, I got my phone-a-phobia in check. It was especially easy because I had a spiel to work with, and most of my calls were to guys, who just sit and listen, write down the dates and times and hang up. *whew* Thank god.

After that, I took Nikki to my house so she could shower while I drove to pick up Amanda and Allie. Multi-tasking saves so much time. I return with them, and decide to bring beverages and pretzels on request of my passengers. I get these willingly, talk to mommy for about two seconds before pulling out and leaving at about 3:30.

We get on the road and in no time at all, are stuck in stop-and-go traffic. Welcome to Chicago. We sit and wait patiently, having a lot of fun talking and singing to whatever music we had on and enjoy our 2+ hour ride (minus traffic, the drive is about an hour). We pay the $1.70 in tolls there (4 of them, yuck) and get to the Tweeter Center at 5:45. Yes we are early. Yes I like it that way. Yes, Allie was bitching that we got there *too* early. She didn't want to just be sitting around. Well, boo hoo.

We enter, hit the bathrooms, peruse the merchandise, get some food (cus, you know, I hadn't eaten since my French Toast that burned me this morning). We sit around for a little while. I decided I wanted to buy a really cute concert shirt. It's baseball-style (actually called "raglan"...thank you Fashion and Interior Design course last year!). The sleeves are 3/4 length and maroon (ha ha, Maroon...title of their latest CD...anyway...) and the rest is white. It says "Barenaked Ladies" on it and has a picture of a mouse/snake/something (there was a giant balloon of it as a stage decoration). Unfortunately, there is not a list of cities and dates on the back, which I really like, but the ones that did have dates and stuff were kinda blah. I'm happy with my shirt though, cus it fits well and is cute.

We decided to go sit down around 7. By 7:15 it is pouring down rain. Happy we are in the pavilion and not on the lawn, we start making fun of the people who are just arriving and getting really wet. Allie is forced to eat her words, cus if we had come an hour later, we would have ended up like those unfortunate saps.

Warm up bands were interesting. The first chick was good, but country, so hard to enjoy. She was also really skinny. Like unhealthy, anorexic skinny. Really gross. The second band were the Proclaimers. I thought the name sounded familiar, but my friends were just making fun of me, cus we didn't recognize any of the songs. But then...they sang "I Would Walk 500 Miles", and I knew I was right! Yippy, I knew I had heard of them. That one song made up for the rest of their's kinda sucking. It's okay, cus it was fun to mock them. They were British, so they pronounced "out" like "oot". We like that. It's funny.

The second band gets off the stage at 8:30, and we know that the Ladies will take the stage at 9. We talk some more. I can only really have a conversation with Allie, cus the wussies didn't want to be on an *end*, so I was stuck there. Nikki got the other just cus she didn't whine about it before Amanda and Allie had a chance to.

The come on stage after a really funny intro about what you can't have...bottles, cameras, umbrellas...the basic, but then it gets to obscure stuff like skateboards, pants...I don't really remember any *really* funny ones, but it was a bunch of stuff you wouldn't have with you anyways.

About 5 songs in (maybe 20 minutes), they play a new song, and there's this *rush* of people out. Literally, about 150 people that we could see, were leaving. Allie said that they were just there for the Proclaimers and were leaving. I said they were going on a beer run.
Al: All of them?!?
Me: Why not? It's been about a half hour since their last run, the cups are dry, they need more.
Al: No, I think you are wrong.
So we wait and watch a bunch of people come back. Probably about 90% percent come back with beer. 95% of that 90 have more than one. Many with as much as 4. I was right and that made me happy. Allie was laughing cus she couldn't believe it. Silly's a concert. People go to get drunk. And this is a Canadian band. All the more reason to get wasted.

They were fun. They would take breaks between songs to throw bugs at each other, run quicky covers of some popular songs (Bootilicious, When It's Over, Get UR Freak On, Dude Looks Like a Lady, and other stuff). They did a couple full length covers, but I didn't recognize them.

I was proud of myself, cus there were only a few songs I didn't know the words to. And most, I could recognize that it was a big song of theirs from a previous album, but I didn't know the words yet. There was only about 2 I didn't know, and then one new one that they did and the covers I didn't know. Other that, I was able to sing along with everything. It was great.

The bassist had a part where he got to play the Canadian National Anthem. Then he played it really fast. It was hilarious. At another part in the show, the drummer and keyboardist got a chance to "rock". I think they played "Wipe Out". I don't remember. By the end of the song though, the keyboardist was standing on the keys of the grand piano. It was so great. The guys are crazy. At another break between songs, the second lead singer told a story of how he was cooking a brat in the microwave with the foil still around it. It was really funny. There were a bunch of other times too, when they would just tell mini-stories or make jokes. It was so fun.

The concert ended and we headed into the crowds waiting to get outside. We found the car alright (even spotted my 8th grade science teacher...we didn't say hi cus she wasn't the best. Not mean or anything, just not very nice either). It didn't take too long to get out of the parking lot, but the chickies were all really tired and dying out. So I picked the music (3 Doors Down), cus I figured if they fell asleep, I could have a good time on my own.

I'm not sure when Nikki and Amanda dozed off (they were in the back), but Allie made it the first 10 minutes, through the first toll, before falling asleep. Rule is: whoever sits shotgun gets toll money for me. She was sleeping at the second toll, so I had to get it myself. She mumbled a clearly half-asleep "I'm not good enough for you", and I said she could go back to sleep if she wanted. We had decided on the way down to the concert that we were stopping at the Wendy's Hinsdale Oasis, but there was construction that split up the four lanes of traffic into two and two around a couple center lanes. While on our detour, we missed the turn-off for the Wendy's. We decided we would settle for the Burger King Oasis at O'Hare because that one had a TCBY, and we wanted ice cream.

Drive more...and more construction everywhere you look. We finally get to the O'Hare Oasis and wake up the sleeping chicks in the back. (Amanda had actually been up for about 5 minutes...she helped us to change CDs from 3 Doors Down to Sister Hazel). Nikki woke up instinctively and we enter the restaurant. We actually saw some people we know, make small talk (cus they aren't are favorite people), then they leave and we get food. the TCBY had closed at 10, so we were stuck with Burger King. I got fries and a Coke, though I've given up soda. Oops. We eat our "dinner" from 12:20 to 12:40 - I checked my watch when we arrived and left....I bet you care.

We continue home and the girls all fall asleep. Drop them off, thank them for coming with me, wish them luck on their sports they have the next morning in 6 hours, and make it home a little after one. I try my best to clean my car. They left it pretty messy...again. Gathering all my stuff was tough. I had a lot. And now that I don't have access to my driveway (Have I mentioned that I love construction?) I have to bring my CD player in with me, and my CDs too. And I bought a poster at the concert (it was $5). I got a BNL car sticker too (plain white with black the ones you can get for cities where you live...DF - Deerfield, LF - Lake Forest, HP - Highland Park...etc). The sticker was only $3. Those being cheep made up for the $35 shirt.

Now I'm home and relaxing at my computer in pajamas. It's 2:30...took me an hour to write this entry (I tend to go into detail, don't I?). Well, I hope you enjoyed reading it. If nothing else, this was so I could remember what the hell happened tonight. Yay! If I missed anything, I'll update later. For now, I'm going to do a little journal surfing, then going to bed. I'm sleepy. Very very sleepy. I didn't get a nap in the car (thank god...reminds me of the BNL song "Tonight Was the Night I Fell Asleep at the Wheel" - they played that).

Well, night night, I guess.

::My BNL Playlist::
*Alternative Girlfriend - they played this one
*Call and Answer (live) - not this one
*If I Had $1000000 - of course they played this one
*I'll Be That Girl - nope
*It's All Been Done - yes to this one
*Light Up My Room - nope...I'm sensing a trend, cool
*Never is Enough (live) - nope...damn, broke the trend. I *knew* I shouldn't have said anything.
*One Week (acoustic) - of course
*Some Fantastic - yes
*Too Little Too Late - yup
*When I Fall - unfortunately no
*Brian Wilson - they closed with this one
*Falling For the First Time - bien sur (of course)
*Go Home - pretty sure no
*Humour of the Situation - yes, and yes "humour" has a "u" because they are Canadian
*Never Do Anything - yes
*Pinch Me - of course

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