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I want my baby back...


The day has been so busy and so not, that it's just insane.

I'm stuck somewhere between feeling rushed and realizing that I have nothing to be rushed about.

I sort of already did this, but what the hey.
My day (Peter and Zack style):

1st, English: Weatherby. Seems like a nice enough woman. It's her last year, so maybe she'll be a bit more lenient. Doubt it though. My class is full of stoner guys, and about 6 girls...all of whom are sluts. Not looking forward to it.

2nd, free. Woo. Took the STUNTS signs to be "approved" by McKenna...who is actually now McKenna-Targon. Silly her for marrying.

3rd, Company. Yay Theatre. It was short but good. Zach proclaimed us to be married again. Becky was a snotty bitch. Zach has gotten extremely cynical and was making fun of a lot of people. :( But the class is going to be great. I can tell.

4th, Outdoor Adventure. Zima! The man loves me, I swear. I went up to him to ask where the class was and he said "You're in my class. Oh god!" and looked painfully. Ha ha. As far as people, there's a nice mix. No one I'm very good friends with, but people that I can hang around with easily. So I suppose that's good.

5th, Chorale. Holy fuck. 130+ kids in one class. That's fucking HUGE! Akers started by saying "Welcome to your first college lecture course...well. Actually most lecture courses have less students than this." Tomorrow we find out where our trip is! It's not the Bahamas cruise because the dates didn't work (grr!!). Oh, and I had talked to her before 3rd and asked about the ice cream social, she said that there wasn't time, and joked that I could put together a chorale extravaganza. So during class she announced that I would be throwing this extravaganza. Eep! What have I gotten myself into now?

6th, free. I'm such a slacker.

7th and 8th, AP Environmental Science. Amanda and I are together and didn't even realize it. The class as a whole is really good, so even though we'll be working in groups (probably not together) the entire year, it should be pretty good. Lots of field trips. First one Monday...but the first full-day one is two weeks from today. Score.

9th, Theatre 1,2. My class! I love it. It's slick. Susan is growing on me, and it was a lot of fun.

After school, there was a quick Theatre Senior Teacher meeting. Formalities and how to be a good senior teacher, mostly. Was about 10 minutes long, so I was feeling rushed to get the lunch plans underway.

Then, I had to stand in line for my parking pass. Cut a HUGE part of the line to stand with the rest of my locker group that had gotten there 10 minutes before (while I was in my meeting). I'm so evil. But, now I can officially park. So yay.

Next, I had to put all the tons of signs around school. Candace, Cark and I tried to hurry. There were over 40 signs to post, and now that the school is bigger, it was crazy.

But. All in all, the after school stuff (meeting, parking and signage) only took about 45 minutes. At noon, I called Jason to find out about lunch. I sort of explained that ordeal. Basically I heard he was at Chipotle with Carly, but it ends up he was with Charlie and because there was no parking, I just went home.

That was the school part. Now real life.

After the lunch incident, I went to get my vehicle emissions test done. Scary people, but my guy had the cutest British accent! Whee!

And my Baby passed. She's so good to me.

After, I went to Michael's and Target in Vernon Hills to pick up some school supplies. We need really random stuff for APES like sun screen, bug spray, 3 different pencils (different grade, width, whatever those are categorized by), colored pencils, tape and stapler.

Okay, so not really random. But the different grade pencils is sort of crazy.

Then I came home. Had a bit of lunch. Napped. Not well, either. I woke up really dazed and yucky.


But Jason and Candace were planning some Starfarers action, so we went there. We played two games of the afore mentioned (I won both. Go me) and one game of Settlers between. (Lost that one. Boo.)

And now I'm home. Far too early, in my opinion. What am I going to do for the rest of the night?


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