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When there's you, I feel whole and there's no better feeling in the world

First day of school over.

God, I'm tired. It was tooooooo loooooong.

Yeah. I know. I had 15 minute class periods.

And two free periods.

And only two solids. But AP Environmental Science (APES) was a double lab period! 30 minutes!!

Yeah. I'm going to die.

But! Chorale is HUGE! over 130 people. It's insane. It's only junior and senior girls and sophomore, junior and senior guys. HUGE. It'll be interesting.

And yay for Company. Love theatre.

AND!!! I have a Theatre 1,2 class! So many freshman! And some sophomores. And one senior. Heh. But!! Yay!! And I'm teaching with Aron, which isn't bad. And I'm enjoying Susan a bit more now.



I got my parking permit. Must put on car. Must also decorate for STUNTS. Must get emissions tested. Must buy supplies for APES. (We need a "field bag"...apparently we're going outside A LOT and taking a TON of field trips. One next Monday (only for our two class periods), then an all-day one in a couple weeks to the Botanic Gardens. Woo!)

Oh, and I was supposed to be planning this lunch thing, and was totally ditched. I'm less pissed, more disappointed though. I guess that's good.

So yes.

Leaving to do stuff. Later all!

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