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I want to be a minority...


Okay, so someone unfriended me. And while that's sad and all, I don't really care so much. It's just not important.

But I feel so bad because I don't know who it was! It was someone on my friends list, but dammit if I know.

Ha ha. It really makes me laugh...and that makes me feel evil. Woo!

So. School tomorrow, eh?

Yeah. I might go to bed soon.

Or I might hang around and do nothing for a while. Midnight. I'm making midnight my bedtime.

And I'm spent.

Oh, played a couple games of Settlers tonight with Jason, Rob, Chazz and Candace. Then Rob left. And Candace left. Sillies decided to get sleep. Charlie and Jason eventually left after some Super Smash.

I wish my friends stayed out later on school nights.

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