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I hope you're resting quietly


New matchbox single September 14th!!! Robbie!! Back!! It's been too long!!


In other news:
-Never made it to OfficeMax. Whoops. At least I have the other copies. In fact, we couldn't get them "approved" to put around the school, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

-I "decorated" my locker. Basically, I just put up a bunch of pictures of family and friends. I dumped my books and supplies in there, so I'm all ready for tomorrow.

-Bet you didn't know I start school tomorrow? Senior year. Yep.

Yeah, I've been avoiding the topic. I like being there. I like classes, I like activities. I hate homework. I hate work in general.

I've been dreading this year becoming a repeat of last year. Luckily though, I have eliminated all the things that made my life hell last year (Physics, math...specifically Calculus, and French).

So. I'm conflicted. I like school, and yet I don't.

-Classes are only 15 minutes tomorrow. Woo!

-After decorating stuff (which ended up taking 2 hours...though the last hour was spent wandering the school and talking to Eric), we went to Chipotle for dinner. Huge, spicy burrito! Woo!

-Dropped off Rob at Baker's Square to hang out with people he doesn't like. Crystal's picking him up at 7:30. Hahahaha! They planned him an out! It's funny.

-The boys (those two plus Pat) are frisbeeing. :( So no girls. But only until "dark"...which should be around 8-ish.

-SO! at 8:15 I'm having people over. Them, and then at 8:30 Candace gets out of her WERKS Tutor meeting.

Yay for party here. Probably won't go too late, because we all (save Jason) have school tomorrow. Northwestern doesn't start until the 20th, so he'll be around for a while more. Marching band camp is the 16th, so he'll be gone then, but probably back for the weekend...so he can move into his dorm.

-And! I was just talking to Amanda about her addiction to TLC and how she's been watching "A Baby Story" a lot.

She says that it's making her not want to be a teenage mother, despite her hormones, so I said that her biological clock will just have to wait. To which she responds:
ill just set it to a different time zone for a while

Ahahahahahaha! I thought it was hilarious. Like. Really.

-Okay. I'm going to go now. People in a half-hour! Whee for no lonely night!

And I'm spent.


Sep. 3rd, 2002 08:59 pm (UTC)
Why don't my fucking comments ever show up in your journal? For how often I post them, give me a freaking break. No wonder I rarely reply to people's posts, on top of the crappy computer.


Okay, so what I had said was, I thought "Disease" was coming out on the 15th. I don't think that I misread the newsletter, hmm, I'm confused.

But yes. <3 new Matchboxness. God, I will have a seizure if I get that whole album before Nov 19th.

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