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I've been rushing to get through my friend's page.

Because I want to go eat something and shower.

Because I feel like crap and want to put an away message up, and I don't want to unless I have a good reason.

Mama woke me up this morning at 9:45 by calling my cell phone (because I didn't pick up the normal phone when it rang. Too far...) to ask what time I wanted to tour Indiana on Satuday. Then again 5 minutes later to tell me that it's at noon. Then she sent an email saying the same thing.

Oy. That woman.

[small rant]ShecancallIndianaUniversitybutcan'tcalldoctorlady#2.Grr![/small rant]

And I slept horribly. I was alright until then, but when I went back to sleep, I couldn't get comfortable and my back hurt a lot. And I woke up all disoriented and felt like I was going to pass out. No good. So I figure breakfast would be a good thing right about now.


Things to do today:
-Go to OfficeMax for color copies of STUNTS signs
-Get vehicle emissions tested (eep! scary!!)
-Got to school at 3:30 to put shit in locker and put up STUNTS signs

Opa. Me need breakfast and shower.

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