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I just want you near me, I just want you here with me

This is completely for myself, and not really meant to be read. But if you'd like...mi journal est su journal...or something like that.

-Mama, bought me pretty sweater. Made me cry.
-Family, MBFGW. People dispersed randomly.
-Friends, who do I talk to? Why I haven't told Allie.
-Navy Pier, 3rd wheel. Eww. But city!
-College, restrictions? Applications? Work. Potential. Money. Issues.
-School. Wednesday. Fear. Can't be like last year. Horrid.
-STUNTS, commitments. Huge. Time?
-Weekends gone. Indiana, NYC.
-Sacrifices. Chorus Trip, expenses for year.
-*coughcough* Yeah. *sigh* Hopeless is me.
-Struggle. Logic vs ideal. Love, death, Heaven, science.
-"Smart kids". Book smarts vs life. Grades. Classes (APs).

Hrm. So much. Deeper than that. Layers. Lots of them. Eck.

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