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Are you happy where you're sleeping? Does he keep you safe and warm? day.

Jason and I went to Candace's a little after noon to play Starfarers. Aaron was there, to our surprise. No comment from me though. *grits teeth and smiles*


So anyway. We played the LONGEST game of Starfarers ever because no one was generating any resources in the beginning.

So we finished with about 45 minutes until Rob's barbecue.

We decide to play "speed Settlers".

Cleaning up Starfarers, and setting up Settlers gave us a little over a half hour to play.

So we played. On speed!!

Well, not quite. But we whipped though turns. If you had to think about something for too long, you lost your turn and the next person rolls.

It was fun and on some super crack. We ended up finishing in under the half-hour. Amazing yo.

[/geek games :)]

So Rob's was fun. Yeah. I suppose.

Chilled out in the great outdoors, with a great many mosquitoes. Ick. When it started to get dark, we went inside and watched Super Troupers. I think I liked it more than I should have. I laughed a lot.

Oh well.

And now I'm home. And extremely pensive. So many thoughts, all the time.

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