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This ain't about the things I've done, where I've been, or what I've won

It's strange. The last song ended, and this one started in my head.

I started singing "This ain't about the things I've done..." in my head. And thought: Wouldn't it be strange if that's the actual song that comes on?

Well it did. And it's random, so it's not like the order is consistent in any way.


Anywho. I'm up. A bit earlier than I wanted, but oh well. Maybe it will motivate me to do stuff. Like I've already read my friend's page, and commented where necessary, so maybe I'll shower?

Early. And I'm considering showering.


Note to self: Don't panic about school starting on WEDNESDAY!


Aight. Also, I was talking to Rob this morning and he's mad that it's raining. He's having a Labor Day/end of summer barbecue today. And it's raining. Consistently.

Very dark outside. Me gusta.


Eeeeeeee! "Hopeless" just came on my playlist. Love it, love it, love it. It was one of my favorite numbers in Dance Show too. So good.

You don't need my secret midnight calls
I guess you need no one

Is anybody waiting at home for you
Cause it's time that will tell if it's heaven, if it's hell or if it's
Anybody waiting at home for you
Cause it's time that will tell this tale. gusta.

(Oh, and does anyone take Spanish? Is "me gusta" proper grammatically? I'm a Frenchie. I could have said "J'aime bien", but that's not as fun)

Oooo...thunder... :)

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