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I am in such a fantastic mood.

The picnic was long, and full of family. But okay. Nothing bad happened, and there were lots of laughs.

I really want a puppy now. Like, seriously. I want to get a dog. Me. The one who doesn't like dogs.

But this is barely a dog! It's like "the cat of dog breeds". It's the cutest little thing! (A yorkie, I think, but soft and cuddly and the MOST ADORABLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!)

It's definitely number one of my favorite dogs list. There are 4 that I like/can tolerate.
1. Annie (aka Chickapee) - my aunt's yorkie-thing
2. Sophie - Elliott's adorable dog
3. Bailey - Allie's Australian shepard
4. Angel - Candace's dog

Yeah. I really want one.


Then, Cici and I went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding!!!!! It was fabulous! So cute. One of those movies that you can watch over and over.

Heh. My away message: "A year ago today I was in a wedding. Now I'm watching a movie about a wedding. I'll be back when the 10 o'clock showing of My Big Fat Greek Wedding ends! :-)"

And JOEY!!! In two weeks exactly, Ci and I will be in New York. Probably squeeing after seeing RENT at 7pm.

Oy! So much love.

So she and I have decided that EVERY movie needs a GSDB (Gratuitous Sparkly Dance Boy) in it. Hee!

Okay. I need to come off my romantic comedy high and get back to the real world. Perhaps I'll come back when I'm normal again. ;)

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