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Welcome to Friday morning

So my little alarm watch was set for 10:45, and that was giving my far more than enough time. My "body alarm", however, decided I needed to be up at 9:15. *growl* Oh well, I was able to take an extended shower and I just made myself breakfast (Aunt Jemima toastable French Toast, yum). Second tragedy of the morning...I burnt my finger on a *hot* piece of French Toast. I know what you're thinking, "She probably didn't burn her finger..." Yes, yes I did. Like blister-forming burn. I currently have ice on it, and am typing with one hand (which is a pain in the royal ass).

In other news, the milk I'm drinking is really good, and I still have gotten no interesting e-mail. Damn. Well, I'll update a little later. Ta ta for now!

::Music of the Morning::
*Irresistible - Jessica Simpson
*God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You - NSYNC
*A Change Would Do You Good - Sheryl Crow
*SOS - Mamma Mia! the Musical (Original London Cast)
*Buddy Holly - Weezer

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