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I apparently used up all of my disk space at my ATTBI website.

So I had to delete a few things to make room for the Navy Pier pictures.

But in deleting, it moved around the link number things, so if I had something linked previously, and a picture that numerically came before it was deleted, the number goes down one, and the link becomes a different picture.

I didn't explain that well, but basically, it sucks and anything I linked to in previous entries is probably screwed up.



Aaron, Candace, Allie, Ben and Lizzie at the East End of Navy Pier

Ben, Aaron and Candace battle with claws (with ratchet sound!)

Candace and Allie with glow roses

Front circle drive of Navy Pier

Ferris Wheel at Night

View of the Ferris Wheel from below at Night

Lighthouse at the East End of the Pier

Lights reflected in the lake

Navy Pier during the day

Sculpture and the Crystal Ballroom

Skyline (day, North end) 1

Skyline (day, North end) 2

Skyline (night, South end) 1

Skyline (night, South end) 2

Skyline (night, South end) 3

View from Ferris Wheel (East)

View from Ferris Wheel (West)

Yay! I love Chicago.

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