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One last update before bed

Man, am I tired...

I have gotten like *zero* important e-mails today. All junk. Blah. I like email. I like short little notes. They make me smile. No smiles today (or at least no "email smiles" today).

I'm really excited for the concert tomorrow, although after the Dexter Freebish disaster, I'm a little wary. I'm sure it will be okay. Shit. Forgot to call Amanda and Allie and tell them I would pick them up a little after 3. Talked to Nikki though. I'm picking her up before the STUNTS meeting. I'll have to call the other chicas tomorrow.

Bought school supplies tonight. And I may have picked up an extra folder. *grins* Maybe with JC on it. I may have also bought a locker calendar. Hee hee, they were too cute. Puppies in my locker! I'm excited now!! Even if my locker is in bumble, at least I have pretty dancing boys to greet me every day. I also bought some hair gel stuff, a pot for my pretty African Violet and a box for my truck (with all my car stuff in it). *shrugs* That's about it.

I really gotta sleep now, though. Night night to the journaling community. Sweet dreams *blows kisses*

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