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We can be heroes, forever and ever!

So I watched Moulin Rouge.

Liked it a lot better this time...I suppose. I don't know what exactly it is that I don't like about it.

I like the concept.
I like the acting.
I like the singing.
I like the story.
I think the sets and costumes were great.
I really enjoy the choice to use modern songs in a period piece and I think it worked really well.

The only think I'd change is the ending (I think the Duke should end up firing the gun, killing Satine accidentally. It would cut out the unnecessary false hope of "happily ever after").

So. I don't know. Something just isn't right.

But at least I can appreciate the artistic side to it...I suppose.


Navy Pier in an hour, or so. I offered my house for a meeting spot, so I guess I can't really duck out.

Still don't really want to go. I'm feeling like Holden right now. Not up for the bullshit and phony stuff, but unfortunately, that makes me not so fun to be around. And then people start asking me 'what's wrong?'

Nothing. I'm just tired today. Tired of wearing a mask. Tired of being happy. Tired of being unhappy. Tired of it all. Just let me be blah.

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