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Catch me if you can, I've gotta make a getaway

I forgot to mention yesterday that after the CCRC, Candace and I went to Target. Bought a big tub of animal crackers for our locker group, and some graham cracker sticks too.

And we went to the CD section. The new BBMak was only $8. I caved and bought it.

Mmm...pretty British singing boys. *drools*

Yeah. So I'm listening to that right now.

Other than that...I didn't get enough sleep last night. And I've been up for nearly 45 minutes to an hour.

The parents are going to be gone all day. Golfing with the neighbors, then having dinner. By the time they get home, I'll probably be gone.

We're going to Navy Pier tonight. Yay and boo. I don't want to go so much. Right now, it's me, Candace, Allie, Amanda, Carly and Charlie. We may have to call people later to see if they wanted to come (Zoe, Garvey, Rob, etc.)

La la la. House to self today. Nice nice nice stuff.

Oy...I've been thinking a lot lately. About money and the likes. I was thinking off all the shit the parents have to pay for, especially in the upcoming year.

Theatre Fest, Chorus trip, Spring Break, College next fall. Plus all the weekend outings, and dances and parties and stuff. I'd like a laptop for college, but apparently the XP Monstrosity of DOOM(tm) was supposed to be my college computer. Eww. I mean, it's better than nothing. But. Yeah.

I really shouldn't complain. I have no right. All of my siblings had jobs. They paid for everything themselves. Instead, I do 5 shows a year. I live in the theatre spaces, because I love it so much. I'm at school everyday until 6...then I come home to a monster work load. I generally have 5 solid classes. Many of them level 1 or APs. It was tough. Last year especially.

This year, I only have two classes first semester. And I was thinking about finding a job. Work at the movie theatre, or something, from 7 until midnight.

But then there's tech week, where I'm at school until 9. And most Saturdays I have to be there from 9 until 5.

And I'm committed to shows until January already. And I'm hoping to Stage Manage the musical, and work the Dance Show. I'm going to be in the Spring Play (because it's company written, and I'm in the Company this year).

So I'm doing 5 shows this year, instead of 4. And I still have classes, though not as many solids and far more fine arts. And I'm still a busy person, so I don't think a job would work.

But I need the money and I can't stand that I'm so dependant on my parents. And I always feel so guilty asking them for money. And even more so when they just expect that I'll need it.

Tonight for Navy Pier, Mommy gave me $60. At first she said $50, and I told her it was too much. I probably wouldn't buy much and that I already had $10. So she said "Okay, well then maybe just $25". And instead she left more. I appreciate this so much, but I feel so insanely bad right now, that I want to give it all back and tell her that I'm not going so she doesn't have to give me it.

Tell her that I'll stop spending so much all the time and that I'll cut myself off from the social world so that I don't need anything else from her.

It's going to be a tough year. And every day gets us that much closer to school starting and everything going downhill.

On a happier note...
-In one week at this time, I'll be visiting Fayanne at college in Mattoon. Then we will be going over to Indiana and taking a tour there.
-In two weeks at this time, I'll be in New York with Cici. Seeing Joey in RENT and who knows what else. [Which Mommy paid for. :( ]

*sigh* I should do something with my day.

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