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Nah nah nah nah naaa, nah nah nah nah naaaa!

Cici is going to hell for getting Eminem stuck in my head.

Read over my friends list. Realized my last posted mood was "gloomy" and guess what?! It hasn't changed.


At 1 (after I had woken up and showered), Candace and I went to Picked up the application for Indiana, and Missouri (which has been printed off the internet? Uh...give me a real copy when they come in please. Damn CCRC.

Then we went to her house to check on Jason who we told we'd be playing Starfarers to. It turned out that he was playing Settlers with John, Rob and Chazz at Chazz's house. I um...may have mildly flipped out on him. Hugely flipped out. Enormously flipped out. I don't know why. I suppose I was just a bit pissed. Or really pissed and with everything else I'm trying to deal with (and not very well either) it all came down on him. Per usual.

*sigh* So I was a mega bitch and felt/feel really really bad about it.


Candace and I are bored and Jason said he could come over "after dinner time". Because he eats early, we figure this to be 6:30 or 7.

We are bored. Really bored. And it's about 3, and I haven't eaten yet today, so we decide to go to Kenosha to eat at Fazoli's. It's the closest one, and we have the time, so why not?

Lunch/dinner was really good. We were in Wisconsin. It was random. Yay.

After, we have a bunch of time to kill, so we decided that on our way home, we should stop at Gurnee Mills. The best seedy outlet mall ever! It's impossible to feel trashy in that place because there are ALWAYS people who are trashier than you. ;)

We walked from one end to the other and back again. This is quite a feat. It's huge and one level and in the shape of a "C"...nothing connects at the ends. We tried on some cheap dresses at Charlotte Russe (and I found one that I love for $40) but we are broke, so no money was spent.

We left there at 5:45, and got to Candace's at 6:15. A while later she started talking to Jason online, he has to eat first, yadda yadda.

I end up falling asleep on her couch while she's talking to people online. Next thing I know it's 7:30, I'm being woken up and Jason is there already.

So Charlie comes too and we play a couple games of Starfarers. I win the first. Woo! And lose the second.

Unfortunately, I had been a bit of a bitch when I beat out Jason for a spot on the board, so they all decided I was evil and basically had an embargo on me for the game. It was sort of a "we hate Gail, make Gail lose" sort of feel.

That rather cemented the shitty day and I was in a horrible mood for the rest of the night. And still now.

So now I'm home. And just generally pretty pissed off. Between the printers not working, and the Starfarers game. Between me feeling like a total bitch and me being told that I am one. Between me deciding I'm a bad person and having others make me feel that I am. Between all my friends and my family...I'm just in a shitty mood. And have been. Forever.

Christ, I hate weekends.

School starts next Wednesday. Excuse me while I place my hand in a door jam and slam repeatedly. I think it would hurt less than this.

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