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We can't be stopped now, because were bad boys for life

A few people were complaining about their friend's list being dead.

Well mine was alive and running!

Gail: *tries to catch it*
LJ: *Runs...fwee like cheesy bread!*
Gail: *fails miserably* Oh well.

Basically I skimmed (or skipped. Thank you cut-aways!) over all the VMAs reviews and pictures (though I may go back for the pictures later...)

And of course!

The Friday Five!

1. What's your favorite piece of clothing that you currently own?
Well, my I have a favorite tank top that is a pretty plum/purple, and my favorite jeans are the cute ones from American Eagle. As far as one piece that I put above the rest...honestly, my STUNTS '99 shirt (followed closely by the Dance Show '02 shirt). I've been wearing them both frequently because they are comfy!

2. What piece of clothing do you most want to acquire?
I need some new skirts. I've got a few, but none that I ever feel like wearing any more. Skirts are so underrated.

3. What piece of clothing can you not bring yourself to get rid of? Why?
I'm not too much of a clothes hoarder, but I guess my black hoodie. I love the thing so much! I got it freshman year, and since, the zipper has broken, the string come out of the hood and the color faded. But I've worn it (or had it) for every show I've done. I bought it for freshman year fall play and have done 11 performances since. All with that hoodie. It's not going anywhere.

4. What piece of clothing do you look your best in?
Low-cut necklines versus high cut on a shirt. And just nice fitting jeans are always good.

5. What has been your biggest fashion accident?
Junior high. More specifically, bad baggy-ish jeans and sweatshirts. *shudders*

Both parents are home. Both printers are broken. Wow. This days sucks.

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