Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

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I've only been up for a half-hour and already things are going sour.

Mommy sends me all these picture attachments in emails that I'm supposed to print out. And now my good printers not working.

They are actually kind of cool though...they're pictures from Vietnam (which Daddy was in). But I can't get my printer working!

And Mama just sent another email saying that they closed the office at noon and she's on her way home. Great.

And I think Daddy just got home. Double great.

I haven't even had the house to my self for a half-hour! Already it's being taken from me.

And I think we need a new printer. Plain and simple. This one is old and dying. That one...well. It just sucks and hasn't worked since the first week we got it. ARG!

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