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Why you gotta go and make things so complicated?

I figured I should tell about my night before reading my friend's page...because it's going to be HUGE.

At about 8, Candace and I were still here, but had talked to Carly and Allie...who were planning to come over.

Because we had a little bit of time, we went to Panera to pick up food, then brought it back to my house to eat. Carly called right as we were getting home and Allie a bit later. So they both showed up.

Before Panera, I had been talking to Zack (sinkist) and he said he wanted to come over, but he'd disappeared by the time we got back. So a little later, I gave him directions to my house and he came over also.

We were watching the VMAs by the time he showed up. Mocking them...especially their clothes. Saw Justin's performance and was actually appalled by Guns N Roses. Axl...what the hell, man?

Those ended and then...because it's MTV...started again! We watched the beginning for a while, then at 11 Carly and Candace went home.

So I forced my latest addiction on Allie and Zack.


Woo! Yeah, it was fun. Zack kicked our asses, and we didn't even let him use imaginary words. Though he did use quite a bit. I came in second and Allie..a pitiful third. The game ended around midnight, so the two of them had to go home.

So I'm all alone again. :(

Oh well. That's life.

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