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The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees

Unlike the rest of the world...I'm not watching the VMAs.

I know! The horror!

But Dace and I are trying to find people to go out with. Chazz, Rob and Jason were stolen by Pat to play frisbee and hang out. Because it's Pat, we aren't invited because we aren't guys.

John has work tonight, so he couldn't go, so we were talking to him for a while. He explained why Pat doesn't like hanging out with girls.

"Well, you see, when he was a small child ::insert sad childhood story here:: and he has never liked girls since"

Thanks John. Actually, he did give us all the info about frisbee at Pat's. We knew about frisbee and that was it.

So for a bit we abused Pat's away message, then he signed off. With any luck, those cold-hearted bastards will feel guilt or remorse and call us later. Most likely not.

I abused Jason's away message a bit.

I wouldn't say I'm a feminist. Liberation has been had. Women's movements have been had. The 70's were had, and now women make about 97 cents to every dollar a man makes. Not fucking bad. At this point, I just have an expectation that discrimination wouldn't exist. There's no reason I shouldn't be Producer of STUNTS, despite the last few years having males in charge (I believe...)

So yay. Go liberation. Go equal treatment.

Boo Pat for not liking girls. Obviously this is a completely different topic than gaining the right to vote, but still. I feel like I'm being left out because of my gender and that sucks some major ass.

So once again....BOOOOO!

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