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I played your silly games all right, didn't I?

God, I've been so busy, I've barely updated today.

I'm sure you're all so sad about that...

Anywho. I worked on the STUNTS Calendar. Figured it all out, got all the dates in, for the most part it looks great.

Then I realize I'm almost running late for Rehearsal, so I get my ass in gear, figure I'll print it later, and leave.

Rehearsal was fine. We finished the read through, talked a bit about the central message and theme (everyone has a bit of "hero" in them, but to find it you must take risks and care for others before yourself). All's well, we ended a bit early. Yay.

So I come home to try to print the calendar. Fucking printer on that computer doesn't work!!

Fine. I'll use the network and set up my printer (which does work) on that computer and all will be well.

Wrong. That computer won't recognize this printer.

There's no way to save the file and send it here. There is a way to export it...but I need the Office 2000 disk...and Jason took it back. >:(

So I have the calendar...I just can't move it or save it or print it off that computer. It's driving me nuts!

And in about an hour, I have to go back to school for another Freshman Theatre info meeting. And stop by the CCRC to see if Indiana and Missouri are in yet. Oy!

I'm ready for a nap!!!

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