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Random Schtuff

1.) I found my little alarm watch that I use. Yay!

2.) I almost have gotten to the point of not loathing Kevin Richardson...read and learn...
Windy115: I like k_richardson >this< much now because of this: AJ bought green ketchup the other day. I thought it was really gross looking, but now I can't stop putting it on everything (everything within reason that is). Ew, there's green stuff on my veggie burger! *grin*
cicigreenwood: is that Kevin or Kristin?
cicigreenwood: I don't remember who has which name
Windy115: kevin
Windy115: and I *hate* kevin
Windy115: so this is BIG
cicigreenwood: you're funny

3.) I really like Britney Spears now

4.) Cleaning is a totally random thing and you cannot plan when or where it will happen. All of a sudden, you just get an impulse. It might be 3am and you start filling a giant garbage bag with crap and clean until you can't do anything else. If you plan it, you will procrastinate and it will never get done. Just wait for your moment of inspiration and go for it.

5.) My journal is currently all in type that is this big, and really annoying the fuck out of me.

6.) My cat has some strange infatuation with my closet. She always tries to get into it.

7.) I like linking to pictures (and really want a website...have I mentioned that much?)

This is Dexter Freebish...lead singer Kyle (in the middle) is a hottie. Rob the drummer (longer hair, almost Joe Perry looking), he's the one with the slipped disk which is why they've been canceling performances. :o(

8.) The Evan and Jaron song "South of Tennessee" is their best song (it could pass as non-Evan and Jaron), but it not on their CD. Makes me cry that I bought the CD, cus this song is *fabulous* and the rest of their stuff is mediocre.

That's it...you may return to your regular lives now.


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Aug. 23rd, 2001 10:26 pm (UTC)
5.) My journal is currently all in type that is this big, and really annoying the fuck out of me.

Mine is doing that, too, and it's pissing me off. And my posts were posted in the wrong order. What's going on? Grrr....

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