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They call me freeeeeeee, but I call me a fool

I'm thinking I may head to bed soon.

I'm a bit tired, but mostly bored. I tried reading, but I'm too restless for that right now. Couldn't quite concentrate. This leads me to believe there's no way in hell I'll be able to sleep, but whatever.

I have to be up at 11:30. Play rehearsal is at 12:30 until 2. Then I have to be back at school around 4:15 for another Freshman Theatre Informational Meeting thing.

Hopefully in the couple hours I have between, I'll come home and kick my butt until I make those STUNTS Calendars. Umm...whoops.

Talk about cutting things close, eh?

Note one: Try to get Rob to plan his barbecue for Sunday so I have a reason not to go to the picnic thing Mommy is planning for Annette (cousin from Florida).

Note two: Find a reason not to go to Navy Pier Saturday without looking suspicious. Perhaps you should work on catching a really bad cold. [Make sure it's a better excuse than "I don't have money to go to Lazer Zone" or "I don't get along well with the people going". Those didn't work well for tonight and I got yelled at. Twice.]

Oy. Horrible person, I am.

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