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But if you leave, it's gonna get a little bit easier

My internet was down for at least an hour and 15 minutes today.

Fucking AT&T!

So...mon jour...

Candace and I went to the CCRC to pick up applications for Beyond Ravinia.

Unfortunately Indiana and Missouri weren't in yet (but should be tomorrow, per Mrs. Kravets) so she just took U of I and I grabbed Iowa and Eastern.

After, we picked up Jason and the four of us went to Rob's to play Settlers. 5 games of it, in fact.

And I won one!!! WOO-HOO!!! I've never won a game of Settlers. And I've played MANY. I've won Starfarers once, but never Settlers...until today.

It's exciting. Really it is. For a while, I was "Lord of Catan". Praise and herald me, please.

After, I went to Lindsay's to pick up my belt and we all parted ways. The boys have bowling tonight. Boooo!!! But it's their last one since next week as this time, we'll have started school.



*shudders again*

Any who. I've made my STUNTS phone calls (except for two. Younger siblings of friends who when they come online later, I will tell them to tell their siblings. Woo for easy ways out [Edit: Done and done. Woo!]). Considering my phone-a-phobia and extreme hatred of calling people, I'm damned impressed.

Haven't made the calendar or signs yet. Perhaps I shall do that now. See how pissed I can get at Word and Outlook...

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