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Kiss your Doc Martins, let me kiss your Doc Martins!

First part of my dream...

The general setting is a "family reunion". But this part takes place in a mall. So it's sort of just "a mall in Wisconsin".

Most likely I'm there with Cici and my mom, but I'm just hanging out with Mikey and Zoe and we are walking around. I end up losing Zoe, so Mikey and I start frantically looking through the entire mall for her.

In this process, I lose Mikey and I'm getting really panicked. I'm running around the mall searching desperately to find them.

As it turns out, Ci had found Zoe and she was safe with them, and I finally found Mike, so he and I went up and escalator toward a department store where we had planned to meet. We sit directly at the top of the escalator, and (random but) Charlie, Candace and Jason are there two.

The five of us are sitting around and Mikey starts complaining that he feels sick. He throws up all over the escalator and most of the floor. So I find a roll of paper towels and start to clean it up. No one else was phased by this and we all just wait around until Mama comes to tell us we need to go to the reunion auction now.


And I'm awake. Feeling really nice that I got 10 hours of sleep. :)

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