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One of us is crying, one of us is lying in her lonely bed

5:55...make a wish.

*makes wish*


Anywho. My computer (the one in my room) seems to have developed this thing. Where it doesn't like connecting to the internet. I can go on AIM, yeah, sure, fine.

But no internet.

At least I have this (nice, pretty, new) computer to use for updates and such.

And what a thrilling one this is, eh?

Parents want to know if I want to go to dinner with them again. How do I tell them politely that I'd rather gouge out my eyes than go to dinner alone with them?? Any thoughts or suggestions on this are appreciated...

I also have developed the habit of leaving AIM and not putting up an away message. Oops.

And I should learn that naps make me feel crappy, not better, so no matter how tired I am...RESIST THE URGE TO SLEEP!!!

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