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Hey monkey, where you been? This lonely spiral I've been in

Watch me spam and ramble a bit more.


So the friend's page wasn't too long. I was thinking about skimming, but I would hope that some people take the time to read my entires, so I may as well take the time with theirs.

Even the cut-away stuff.

If it's important to someone else, I may as well respect and acknowledge that.


Out of curiosity (and because I'm a lemming)...
Do I have any lurkers out there? Anyone come and read my journal that I don't know about? You aren't on my "friends of" list or whatever?

I know, I know. It killed the cat, I shouldn't ask such things. But I'd like to know.


I checked my voice mail for the first time in a few weeks and had one message. From Thursday, August 15th. Whoops.

It was Jenny, and she had tried my cell after, so I talked to her. But it made me happy for the tiniest bit. Of course, she's in Miami right now. Evil college.

But. I value my friends a lot. Some of them in different ways or different amounts than others. And maybe I like that some people know less about me than others, but accept me all the same.

And I've been thinking of friends a lot lately. Basically I feel like I've been a shitty one to a lot of people. And I'm only half-trying to work that all out.


In avoiding that topic, I end it here.

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