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I've got a love-a-ly bunch of coconuts

I have a headache.

And almost plummeted to some mega-pain and suffering by tripping down my basement stairs. Ouch. And I'm a smart one.

Speaking of me being smart...
quesoconjamon: i can't fool you
honeygailmarie: Nope. I'm sharp as a tack
honeygailmarie: ...that's been pushed in and out of cork a lot
quesoconjamon: lol
honeygailmarie: And probably lost a bit of the sharpness
honeygailmarie: Well, it happens

OSXpert: never hit a man with glasses
OSXpert: hit him with a baseball bat!

Oh, quesoconjamon is Sam and OSXpert is John (Garvey). Yeah, I'm too lazy to change those.

And...I mentioned I have a headache, yes? Oy. Now I'm just losing my mind.

But I've showered. So I can sleep later in the morning. Book sale. Freshman info meeting. Fall play rehearsal.

Tomorrow's going to be brutal.

I should sleep.


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