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So Nikki and I? We're not on such great terms.

Well, most of my friends and I aren't on such great terms. My bad. Will attempt to be fixed.

Either way, I generally only talk to her in person.

So today she IMs me.

And she only IMs me when she feels like bitching about her life and making it seem like she has so much to do and is the only one who is overloaded.


I dislike talking to her so much! As if she's the only one who has a hectic life!


How is it that cats find the one article of black clothing that happens to be laying around, and sit on it.

Furry-ass beast!

But I love her because she's cute, so she's forgiven. Hee!

Still haven't showered. May do that now.

Oh, and question for the masses:
Is it possible to import a calendar from Palm to Outlook? I know it should be, but it's really not. The world is against me today. I'm trying to keep my head up.

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