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Considering that whole 3 and a half hours of sleep thing...I'll be taking a nap soon.

Arena was a bust. I couldn't change anything. And decided against taking up Issues as well.

Candace and I got there at 7:30 and were numbers 125 and 126. Doors opened at 7, and they didn't start things until 7:30. But people line up far ahead of time. It's rumored the earliest this year was 2:30. It's not rare for people to show up at 4am, but most start lining up around 6.

But yeah. We get there. They are on number 30. So we take our numbers and leave to go get breakfast at Sage Hen Cafe. It wasn't too bad. Wasn't overly good either, but it was cheap. That took us an hour, and when we got back, they were on 55. So we walked around outside for a bit. Went into the new Fine Arts wing. Went past the signs that say "No students beyond this point". We saw most of the building except X-hall.

We went back over by arena and they were still only in the 70s (50 more to go!) but Nikki and Allie had finished cross country practice and were talking to people. We sat and chatted, then took Allie on a tour of the new stuff. We went through X-hall, and upstairs X-hall (which I had never been in before...oooo!) and walked back toward normal stuff.

Finally after about an hour we got yelled at that we weren't supposed to be where we were, so we headed toward normal areas.

I found out that I have a fall play meeting tomorrow at 12:30 until 2. And the book sale from 8:30 until 10:30 and the freshman info meeting (for Theatre) from 10:15 until 11.


Wednesday I'll be going to pick up Beyond Ravinia applications with Candace and then Thursday is another Freshman info meeting (but not until 3:45).

So has begun.

And I need a nap!

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