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I finished watching Empire Records, and I've showered and am eating lunch.

Talk about being productive.

I think most of my guy friends are at the White Sox game today. Boooo! (Both because they are gone, and because it's the Sox. Eww. It's all about the Cubs, yo.)


I'm trying to figure out what to do today. Any suggestions?

Oh! And remember how I was complaining that they changed my schedule without me knowing about it? Yeah, well I just realized that it's even more fucked up.

I have Economics and American Foreign Policy second semester. They are both 1 semester Social Studies classes that I was supposed to have opposite each other. Instead, I have two free periods first semester and none second.

NO FREE PERIODS SECOND SEMESTER OF MY SENIOR YEAR. This was the reason I dropped French. Fuckers.

And me, being the crazy idiot that I am, is actually considering taking up another course. A semester of Issues in Modern American Society during one of my free periods.

Yeah. I'm insane. But ooo! It would be fun. I might have to go to arena tomorrow to see if I can work that all out. I don't much believe in free periods, anyhow. Other than last year second semester, I've never had more than one, and generally haven't had any. (Last year, I had two. 1st and I came late and left early. It was sweet.)

Heh. If I do that, I graduate having taken 4 and a half years of Social Studies. Woo!

Yeah. This is me going away now.

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