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Money, money, money, must be sunny, in a rich man's world

My evening:

Went to Potbelly for dinner with Candace and Jason. Came back to my lovely house to hang out. We played Trivial Pursuit, then went to Jason's to pick up his new laptop and bring it over. He was having withdrawls. ;)

So we got back here and hooked it up to my cable modem and played around on the new OS X v. 10.2. I really really really want a PowerBook. I have since last year, but now I want one even more. It's fucking awesome.

Carly and Allie both came over a bit later (they were out to dinner with their respective families) and the 5 of us just hung around.

Oh! And I now have Office 2000 on both computers! Previously, it was '97. Yes...'97. Even the Windows XP came with that. I was both shocked and appalled. The nerve!

But yes. As a matter of fact, Jason left the Office 2000 CD here.

So yeah. We were geeky tonight. Whee for new toys!

And we listened to the music of Mamma Mia!. That's right. The Broadway stage sensation based on the music of ABBA! It was amazing.

La la la. I'm done here.

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