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Hmmm...this could be bad

I was checking my palm pilot for next week. There is not *one* day that I am not busy. And it's not just like an "oh, I have to be here for a half hour, then I'm free". The stuff I have scheduled is at least 2 hours a day (most of the time 3 or more). Kinda makes me feel important. The funny part is that a bunch of stuff has overlapping times. "Danger, danger Wade Robson...I mean Will Robinson...Does not compute..." It's okay though, cus I'm *dun-dun-da-dum!* Supergail!! It will all work out well in the end...somehow.

The event that I'm actually excited about is next Thursday I'm going to take my nephew Michael (who's turning 8 in about a month. 8! Oh my god, he's so big *tear*...This is like "nostalgia day" or something.). Anyway, so I'll be hanging out with him for a couple hours. Maybe I'll take him so a movie, are there any good kid-friendly movies out? Then maybe we can get lunch and go to a park or something. Hmmm, fun...

Well, I have made the executive level decision to stay here and not go to Ci's apartment. Though I want the pretty dancing boys...I'll just have to rewatch Road to Celebrity or something.

Ah!!! I just found a $20 gift card to Best Buy. Oooooo! New CD? Pretty Dancing Boys on DVD?? ahhh! The endless possiblities...yummy...

I must go now...I don't know why, just feel like I'm a brook...over and over again...and I just won't shut up...annoying huh?...I kinda like it...hee hee hee...

*More Than Words - BBMak
*Stand By Your Side - Samantha Mumba
*If I Had a Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies
*Falls Apart - Sugar Ray
*Put Your Arms Around Me - Texas

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