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Life goes on, but I'm gone because I die without you

The case of the mysteriously disappearing Gail!!

Yeah, after about 2 yesterday, I totally disappeared. Sorry 'bout that.

But I actually read my friends page (not just skimming)!

So, what have I been up to?

At 2, I went to Ci's office to make copies of the STUNTS Agenda and Contact Sheets for everyone. From there I was going directly to pick up Charlie and head over to Rob's. On the way, Garvey called my cell asking for a ride, so I ended up picking them both up.

At Rob's house, Candace and Jason also came and we hung out for a bit. They played a couple of games of Settlers, which I sat out of, despite having the expansion pack. I was still a bit blah from the funeral.

We decided at 5 to go to Chipotle...because I had never been there and needed to get dinner before my 6:30 STUNTS Board meeting. John had work at 7, so we were all basically going to have to get food and split up anyway.

Chipotle was good. HUGE burritos. HUGE! But yes. Spicy, but yummy.

Then Jason took Rob and John home, while I took Charlie to his house to pick up his schedule and I went to my house to grab my STUNTS notebook and stuff. Then he and I met up with Jason at Candace's house. The three of them and Cark had started a game of Starfarers the night before and needed to finish.

I only had 20 minutes, so I watched and "advised" (hee hee...basically I got yelled at for commenting too much). Then I went to l'ecole pour la meeting de STUNTS!

The meeting went really well. We had a lot of scheduling to do, and I actually have to make a spreadsheet calendar and list of important dates for the Board. The joys of being Producer. I get to...produce stuff out of nothing.

At 8 (in the middle of the meeting), my cell phone rang. It was Mary. I answered it because we weren't in the middle of anything and Eric had received a call a few minutes earlier, so I figured that he set a precedent. ;)

Anyway, Mary said that at 9 people were meeting at Cheesecake Factory for dessert so that we could all see Steph before she left for Iowa this morning. Another friend eaten by college. Yuck.

But I was still in the middle of the meeting so I said that I would try to make it.

The meeting finished around 8:30, but we had to search the entire school for the file cabinets that were in Eric and Carl's office last year. In the construction, they were misplaced, but we needed to find sheets of freshman names and numbers of interested theatre people so we can call them about the two info meetings next week.

Good news: I got to see the entire school, all the changes and new stuff. It's huge now.
Bad news: we never found the file cabinets.

Oy. But at 9:30, Eric let us go. So I tried calling Candace's cell phone. And Mary's. And Bridgette's. And couldn't reach any of them. So I went home, dropped off my STUNTS stuff and decided to just drive to Cheesecake Factory and see if they were still there.

I tried Candace's cell a few more times, and left a message on Mary's.

I got there and was frantically searching the parking lot, hoping to find a vehicle I recognized. Much to my content, I saw Jason's car, so I parked and went in.

They had finished their dessert and were paying the bill. So I sat myself at the end of their table. (Which was Bridgette, Charlie, Jason, Steph, Mary, Candace and Lindsay). Lindsay yelled at me for not trying to call her, since I had tried everyone else.

So we hung out outside of Cheesecake Factory for a while, and roamed an empty Old Orchard. Mary and Bridgette found an apartment! They are going to be living in Evanston! And Jenny (and Courtney?) is moving in with them also! Even though right now she's at Miami. So they will be really close. More of a reason to go to Evanston. [ :) ] And granted living at their homes would be closer, but at least now they have a place of their own. And unlike Elliott, it's not all the way downtown.

Mary loves my hair. She was playing with it for a while and said that if she doesn't get into Baret this semester (which there really isn't a reason that she shouldn't) that she was thinking about cosmetology school for year.

As horrible as it is that their original colleges didn't work out for them, I really enjoy that everyone is so close. It'll probably make it harder to leave next year when all of my friends will be scattered around the country.

After Cheesecake Factory, Steph, Bridgette and Mary went to Steph's to watch a movie. Charlie and Jason weren't going to be invited and Lindsay and Candace were going home, so I offered my house to the boys. They played Smash for a while. I abstained. Didn't really feel like playing.

But on the topic of college...I think that I've decided on the schools I'm going to apply for Beyond Ravinia*. Iowa, Indiana (number 1 party school in the nation! Woo!) and Missouri. I think Missouri is my first choice, and the others are just okay. And Northwestern is still my reach and where I'd go if I wanted to go into the technical theater program. But I can't apply there Beyond Ravinia. Mama is still pushing Eastern and Western. I'll probably apply Eastern separately as a safety, and I don't know about Western. I haven't heard very good things about it (and Macomb is the armpit of the midwest, says my friend Stephanie).

Oy. College.

I should go watch Amelie or Vanilla Sky (both of which I borrowed from John).

Or make lunch.

Or do that STUNTS Scheduling stuff.

Basically, I need to be productive.

*Beyond Ravinia is a program through our school's CCRC (College and Career Resource Center). Basically, about 30 of the Midwest's predominant colleges (non-private) come to meet with students interested in applying. There is no real application, and basically you just meet with an admissions representative and then they tell you if you were accepted? I'm not really sure how it works, but it's like an early application thing and you can interview with up to 3 colleges out of the 30.

It's called "Beyond Ravinia" because Ravinia is an ampitheatre in the area (it's used for concerts and such. I saw Blues Traveler there, along with a couple classical music things...which usually play there). It's also where we hold our Graduation services. No gym for us, we go to Ravinia. So this college planning is to plan what will happen after we walk across the stage of Ravinia on June 4th. (Yes, I know what day graduation is. Yes, I'm looking forward to is.) So...Beyond Ravinia.

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