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Cause without you I'm not okay

Well. It was a pleasantly rainy day this morning.

Luckily things had just about completely cleared up by 11, when we were moving from the funeral home to the cemetery.

It's still overcast and has been, but the rain stopped.

After, we went to a big banquet lunch with a lot of family and friends. Probably 25 in all. It was good food, and just very nice.

We are home now.

I'm tired. I had to get up earlier than I thought (8:30) so I only got about 6 hours of sleep. Technically I have another 5 hours before my STUNTS meeting, but I may have to take some things to be copied if Mama decides to not go into work.

And my schedule came.

I'm sort of pissed, because they moved some of my classes. I was supposed to have Economics 9th first semester, then free second. I'd have had my Theatre 1,2 class (that I'm senior teaching) 1st period, and English second.

Well, now I have English first with Weatherby instead of Hurtig (it doesn't matter much because I don't want either of them). And Econ 2nd, with Theatre 9th.


I want my 9th period fucking free.

Also, this means that I don't have Carl as my Theatre teacher, I have Susan. I hate Susan. She's a nice woman, I'm sure, but she has only ever been a bitch to me, and I don't want to Senior Teach for that. I'm pissed.

And I want my 9th period free!!!!

Good things are that I do have Huff for Economics (yay!), Zima for Outdoor Adventure, and Kaplan for Foreign Policy.

But fuck it. I want Carl. :(

I guess the silver lining is that now I'm not with Haley and James. Out of all the people who are Senior Teaching 1,2...they would be my last choice. Haley is annoying as fuck and James I just don't know well. He seems sweet though.

I want 9th period fwee!!! Damn.

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