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You're living in America, leave your conscience at the tone

I am so tired.

So last night around 9, I started getting sleepy, but did I go to bed? No.

Not until much later. Midnight.

Well, midnight was when I was put to bed. Lights and computer turned off, cuddling under blankets.

I tossed and turned forever. I was so hot and fidgety.

I fell asleep around 12:30. Woke up once at 3, then again at 6 and 7. Finally my alarm went off at 9.

So I didn't sleep well.

The STUNTS meeting went well though. I have some stuff to do before tomorrow's. Namely, I must print out Contact Sheets for everyone and create an Agenda.

Producer is a lot of work. A lot. Lots. It should be fun though. I love having this sort of responsibility.

And now I'm just tired.

The wake begins at 4. Mommy should be getting home soon. She was going to be leaving work early. Dad should get home at some point also. And Fayanne is driving up from school. She was going to leave around 11 or noon, so she'll be home within the next hour; hour and a half.

I really don't want to go. Today I look old, but feel very very young.

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